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Meet the Maker...

My name is Haley, the owner and creator at Loveable Little Creations. I am married to Pedro and we have three little girls Brooklyn (9), Aubrey (4), and Emery (1). We love to spend time at the beach here in Oregon, go camping, and spending lots of time with our families. I left my regular job in September 2021 to sew full time and spend more time with the girls.

When I was pregnant with my oldest all I wanted was cute handmade items for my little girl, I was over all of the baby things at the big box stores. Black Friday came around and I went little nuts at the fabric store buying fabric to make blankets for her. My aunts taught me how to sew on my grandmas sewing machine and it all felt so special. My grandma passed away when I was pretty small, I don't remember much but I do know she was an amazing seamstress and had a true love for sewing!

A few months after Aubrey was born I went Black Friday shopping again and this time it really got out of hand. (haha) I started sewing for friends that had babies and things really took off from there.

Then along came the pandemic, as I looked for ways to fill all of our extra time at home (still working outside the home just not going out and about everyday) I picked up and taught myself to sew clothing... Thats when I found what I really love!

I love all the prints, colors and patters that can be made in to comfy, stylish, high quality kids clothes! I take pride in finding the best fabric for all the items I sew and love seeing all the sweet kiddos rocking their LLC outfits.


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